Love Gives You Wings


Short and sweet post today to encourage all new parents to remember that our partners will care for their babies differently from us. They are unique individuals who come to their role of parenting with their own set of family and life experiences, thoughts and ideas about how to take care of a baby. Some of these differences are big and can end up being deal breakers. If this is true for you, you’ll need to figure some things out and it might take a professional to help. Those big differences don’t just “go away” or “get better with time.” Honest, open communication is key to being able to trust one another as partners in parenting.

But there are other differences that really are no big deal. These are the ones that you don’t have to worry about and maybe you should even celebrate. Babies thrive on love, attention, and being parented differently by different people. One parent might be a little more conservative in how far afield you let your little one roam, another parent might be the one throwing the baby up in the air.





And for the record, this doesn’t come down just according to gender. Men are stereotyped as being the ones who always let their kids do “crazy” stuff while women keep their kiddos close. In our family, that is true only some of the time. Most of us have different comfort levels with when, how and where we let our kids explore. Our children have different comfort levels as well that must be considered. Some kids love flying through the air, others – not so much.

Whatever your parenting style might be, different parents provide safety and security to their baby. Just in very different ways. One parent keeps their little one close in a snug embrace, while another gathers them up and holds on tight after an exhilarating experience in defying gravity.

Both approaches, help your baby learn how to fly.

Did you find that you were the more safety conscious parent? Did you have a partner that was a little less so? How do you think your baby responded to this difference?


2 thoughts on “Love Gives You Wings

  1. I learned the lesson of trust in my partner’s parenting style when I risked leaving for some time alone, a long weekend in Maine, just for me. Leaving a toddler and a less than 1 year old with my husband, made both of us nervous – but they flourished! My then-husband Jay discovered his parenting style through my having allowed him the space and time to do so.

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  2. Colleen: YES! It’s something that I encourage the Mommas in all of my classes to do as soon as they’re able and willing and feeling comfortable enough to go for a little R&R for themselves and so their partners can really stretch and discover for themselves that even if they do things drastically different, they’re also really good at it.


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