31 Days Writing Challenge

31days_400x400Starting October 1st, I am joining forces with many, many other “31 Day-ers” and committing to writing a blog post for each day in the month of October. If you are intrigued, head on over here http://write31days.com/ and check it out!  There’s still time to join in on the fun!

I’m hoping that this challenge will be the jumpstart to form a regular, daily blogging practice – they say you need to do something for at least 28 days before it becomes a habit. That’s what I’m counting on!

My theme title for the challenge is: 31 Days of Bellies, Birth & Babies. I’m in the middle of writing a book about birth and I feel like this will be a great way to capture some of my words on these subjects: pregnancy, giving birth and early parenting. I’ll be using (with permission!) the writing prompts that Kate Motaung of Five Minute Friday fame has created and each of my posts will correspond to those daily prompts. But I’m not linking up there, because there’s no way that I’ll be writing my posts in only 5 minutes. I’m just not that fast, people!

I hope you’ll read and comment on what I post – it will be so helpful in helping me shape my book. I look forward to connecting with you in this way! Thanks for your support!


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